About Exposure Labs:

Exposure Labs is a full-service production company working on our own feature films as well as hired commercial work. We only work with people we like and on products in which we believe. We have spent years developing our team of producers, cinematographers, editors, and animators.  We love working together, we support each other's vision, and we have a hell of a lot of fun in the process. 

Our Mission:

Exposure Labs is dedicated to crafting meaningful and powerful stories that help shape our understanding of the world. We strive to tackle complicated issues and reveal them in a way that allows audiences to better understand the reality and intricacy of the subject. Whether it's about environmental, social, or humanitarian issues, Exposure Labs strives to use film and art as tools to shift understanding and to make a difference. We do this through our self-produced, feature-length and short form documentary and narrative projects.

About the Team:

The Exposure Labs team is made up of filmmakers, community leaders, and artists all contributing their talents to inspire real world impact. At Exposure Labs we push our team members to cultivate ideas with passion and purpose. We ask them to share their stories, so collectively we can share the world’s. 


See our latest work at www.chasingice.com