Six months ago the Chasing Ice team sat down to reflect on the “life” of our film. Over the last year and a half, the film has screened thousands of times around the world shifting the opinion of skeptics by revealing tangible, visible consequences of climate change. However, our nation is still in debate over the link between human activities and observed climate-change trends. Our team strongly feels it is no longer acceptable for our political leaders to deny scientific reality. We strongly believe that the film still presented an opportunity to end the political debate on man-made climate change. 

The Chasing Ice Ohio Tour became our pilot study to see if a specific strategy using the film could substantially shift the national conversation around climate change and potentially end the political debate. Our team understood  to properly address climate change, our political leaders in Washington need to stop debating about whether or not climate change is actually happening so that they can take action. But those leaders are in a tough position. They’re concerned that if they change their stance on climate change, they might lose votes and ultimately lose their job, something that has happened to other Congressmen. 

Our strategy was to take the film to one specific congressional district in Central Ohio represented by a Congressman Pat Tiberi who is currently labeled as a climate denier. By saturating his district with Chasing Ice screening events, press and climate education for the public our goal was to support the congressman through his constituents, and provide him with everything he needed to understand and embrace climate-change science. Our new Chasing Ice screening events focused on a simply platform for district residents to reach out the Congressman Pat Tiberi and ask him for his statement on climate change.     

Timeline- Our team spent three months in the Boulder office developing the tour which included; writing proposals, researching congressman and districts, developing educational language, creating a new constituent call to action, building a new website and designing marketing and media materials. When then departed for Columbus Ohio where we; booked screening events, networked all throughout the district, developed press and media connection, held meeting with the congressman and continued to developed out tours call to action based on the support the congressman expressed needing including our new website for the congressman