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Since our Impact Assessment in July 2013 Chasing Ice has reached an even greater demographic around the world through various outlets. Not only have we have screened for religious institutions, global corporate and government events, and home screenings, we launched the Chasing Ice Ohio Tour in March. This report highlights some of the impact the film has had, the impact the film has had through various platforms, as well as an update of outreach and distribution for the coming months.


Screening at Bishop Watterson High School, Ohio

Screening at Bishop Watterson High School, Ohio


Universities Screenings: 70

Screenings in Ohio: 90

Ohio Partners: Over 70

Film Festivals: 75

Awards: 35

Netflix rating: 4.5 Stars from 235,000+ ratings



50 U.S. State Department Posts Screenings

U.S. Embassy Corner in Oman Screening

United Nations Information Center in Vienna Screening

Film Forward in Nepal with Dr. Tad Pfeffer

Interfaith Power and Light Screenings

Peace Corps Screening and Q&A with Director Jeff Orlowski

Exhibition with The Austin Contemporary with Charles Long

Chasing Ice as inspiration for Dorris Q line at Australia Fashion Week 2014

Film Festivals in: France, Spain, Germany, Finland, China, Columbia, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil & USA

Featured on: Vice: Greenland, Weather Channel: Caught on Camera, HBO Climate Series for Children, NPR, NBC4i

You Won’t Be Able to Ignore the Effects of Climate Change After Watching This Documentary



The Chasing Ice Ohio Tour shares the story and the images of the film to Ohio residents by offering FREE screenings followed by Q&A sessions with Director/Producer Jeff Orlowski and the Chasing Ice Team. The tour serves to connect the dots between changes we are seeing worldwide and the impact these changes are having in Ohio. The tour aims to create a new movement around the issue that will inspire the public to reach out to their local political leaders through new tools developed specifically for this tour.

Map of public screenings during the tour found on

Map of public screenings during the tour found on

• Free Screening Events - The Chasing Ice team is on the ground in Ohio screening the film, leading discussions, and facilitating question and answer sessions. These events connect with people in faith-based communities, students in high schools and universities, sportsmen, agricultural communities and general public. The team is giving away thousands of DVDs and educational materials for audiences to share with their friends and family.

 Call to Action - The Tour presents new tools to allow the public to quickly and easily share their views on climate change with their friends, family and community, as well as their local representatives through an innovative social media campaign. The Tour offers a chance for diverse constituents to come together to learn how to individually and collectively take action in their community. The team is giving away thousands of DVDs and educational materials for audiences to share with their friends and family.

Highlights from the Chasing Ice Tour:

- Congressman Tiberi was the only Congressman to revise his stance on climate change after the IPCC report was released. 

- The Chasing Ice team as hosted 91 screening events in Central Ohio.

-8,035 Ohioan audience members have attended these screening events. Our marketing and networking events reached out to another 1,405 people.

-In total we have connected with 9,440 Ohio residents.

-We have collect over 300 photos of Ohio residents messages to Congressman Pat Tiberi.

-Over 35 press articles or event announcements have been released about the Ohio Tour.

-Our team has connected or hosted screening events with 70+ local venues/ organizations.  

-6,000 copies of the Chasing Ice Dvd with a new introduction and call to action specifically created for Ohio residents have be given away. showcases photos of constituents and their messages for Congressman Tiberi. We are providing the Congressman the website to demonstrate the enormous support his constituents have for him. 


The lead climate team at Obama's non-profit Organizing for Action has been connecting with every skeptical Congressman to see if they will change their stance. Along with the release of the 2014 IPCC report and our team's efforts in Ohio, the only one who has shifted is the Congressman that we reached out to, Congressman Tiberi. 

Below is the letter from Congressman Tiberi to an OFA volunteer. Here is the link to see the story in it's entirety.


Note: As the core team departed from Ohio, we provided our partners materials and DVDs to continue outreach locally. They have the tools to host screenings, and share the science with their groups and friends. We are in the process of scheduling a meeting between our partners and Congressman Tiberi for June. We have indefinitely waived screening fees for Ohio residents giving them the tools they need to support Congressman Tiberi. 

Sierra talks with a local Columbus woman about the Tour.

Sierra talks with a local Columbus woman about the Tour.

A constituent shares a message with Congressman Tiberi.

A constituent shares a message with Congressman Tiberi.


The U.S. State Department distributed 50 copies of the film for their posts to obtain and screen internally. Most recently the American Embassy in Oman hosted a screening. The State Department has played a substantial role in sharing the science with Embassies, political leaders and students around the world. 

Interfaith Power and Light - a religious response to global warming - distributed Chasing Ice with their entire email list and any religious group interested in sharing the film. The film was streamed more than 100 times in February by their groups. Back by popular demand, Interfaith Power and Light shared Chasing Ice for Earth Month in April. The film streamed more than 200 times. 

Peace Corps utilized the film as a call to action for volunteers to participate in Peace Corps opportunities related to climate work abroad. Jeff Orlowski hosted a Q&A after the film.

Watch the presentation below:

vogue What To Watch This Weekend featured Chasing Ice. 

“Every Friday, we recommend one movie you can watch on the weekend. Today,’s Culture Editor Thessaly La Force recommends a recent documentary on climate change that left her contemplating her own carbon footprint.

If you think it’s easy to place time-lapse cameras in remote regions of Greenland, think again—bulky camera equipment is literally bolted and tethered to the earth. But against all odds, the mission is eventually successful. And when the images are stitched together, it is heartbreaking to watch. The glaciers deflate like sad balloons, large chunks of their ice breaking off and drifting into the ocean. (The proper term for this effect, I learned, is calving—a word choice I find most generous since it seems to imply that the big glacier is birthing a little one, when, in fact, we’re losing both!)”


Film Forward

FILM FORWARD is an international touring program designed to enhance greater cultural understanding, collaboration and dialogue around the globe by engaging audiences through the exhibition of films, workshops and conversations with filmmakers. FILM FORWARD is an initiative of the Sundance Institute and the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


The American Film Showcase brings award-winning contemporary American documentaries to audiences around the world, offering a view of American society and culture as seen by independent documentary filmmakers. Funded by a grant from the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, the Showcase highlights the value of documentaries in fostering understanding and cooperation, dialogue and debate.

This year glaciologist from Chasing Ice, Dr. Tad Pfeffer was invited to share Chasing Ice in Nepal. 

The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin is Austin, Texas's primary community art museum, consisting of two primary locations and an art school. In January 2014 curator Charles Long premiered his exhibit, CATALIN. The exhibit featured art and environmental innovation on the topic of melting glaciers. The exhibit featured streaming clips of Chasing Ice. The space was used for panels and events for South by South West, which generated incredible exposure. 


Chasing Ice Screening Kits 

Since setting up direct distribution through, more people have been able to see the film and host home screenings. Global corporations have included the film for seminars and events. The accessibility has allowed individuals to show their friends and skeptics the film in the privacy of their home and office.

The Home Screening Kit is available for individuals to host a screening at their home for their friends and family. The kit includes educational and advertising materials such as PDFs with Q&As, Facts and Discussion Questions along with a printable poster and e-flyer. 

The Non-Theatrical and Multiple Non-Theatrical Screening kits available at the store have allowed corporations around the world screen the film for their employees, screenings for workshops, educational screenings.


The Educational Screening Kit can be purchased by libraries and educational institutions for unlimited screenings. The kit includes a edited version of the film with the removal of all profanity, shortened versions of the film for the classroom and educational discussion guides created by Earth Day Network. The shortened versions, (6, 12, 25, and 36) allow for more classroom discussion. The educational discussion guides are for lower, middle, upper schools and university classes with messaging and discussion questions tailored specifically per educational level. The guides provide teachers with key vocabulary words, discussion questions about the film, climate change and personal responsibility, and classroom activities. By providing the necessary tools for educators to share the film and the science with their students, we have reached hundreds of students around the world. 

Social Media 

15 months since theatrical debut, Chasing Ice continues to receive daily social media mentions from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media played a big role in engaging constituents and addressing Congressman Tiberi with messages of support. Throughout the tour we hosted social media contests for the most inspirational, creative and supportive messages for the Congressman. We rewarded the winners with Chasing Ice T-shirts, DVDs and stickers as well as featured their message on our social media platforms. 

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Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.03.50 AM.png

Chasing Ice – 2014 Emmy® Award Winners!

Chasing Ice is honored to have received the 2014 News and Documentary Emmy® award for Outstanding Nature Programming.The film made its TV debut on the National Geographic Channel on April 19, 2013. Since that day, Chasing Ice has screened in more than 172 countries and on all 7 continents. We were very fortunate to have worked with an incredible group of people throughout the creation and distribution of this film that has gone on to receive such notarity.

Chasing Ice Reaches 25 Million Views on Youtube!

On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide. The height of the ice is about 3,000 feet, 300-400 feet above water and the rest below water. This short clip from the feature film was published to youtube and received over 25 million views. Then, in 2014 Unworthy published a piece including the clip and within a week, we had an additional 9 million views, bringing the total number of views to date to 25 Million. This clip was also recently awarded the title for the “The Largest glacier calving filmed” in the 2016 Guinness Book World Records book.


The Untitled Reef Project

We have been following Richard and his team, the Catlin Seaview Survey, for the past year and a half, and over this time the story has really taken shape. Our team has traveled with them to Bermuda, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Florida Keys, Hawaii, Texas, Washington DC, San Francisco, Cuba, The Netherlands, American Samoa, and the UK. All principle underwater photography is being shot on the RED Epic and RED Dragon, and the underwater slow-motion 4k footage has exceeded all our expectations.  

We have conducted interviews with famed oceanographer Sylvia Earle, as well as leading ocean experts from the University of Queenland, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and other academic institutions. We have also documented the first ever dead and living coral exhibit at the National History Museum in London.

We have documented the partnership that the Underwater Earth team has made with organizations such as IUCN, Google, Catlin Insurance, and the Smithsonian in order to create a massive “Seaview Survey” of our oceans and capture these breathtaking landscapes before it is too late.  Using these fleetingly time-lapses and images of the reefs, he will communicate to the world the severity of our oceans.The story of our seas is certainly daunting.

Exposure Labs Facebook Page

Our team recently created a Facebook page for the production company! We are in the process of updating and adding to our company website as well so that we can continue to build out our impact and audience.

Frame By Frame 

Announcing a new project produced by Exposure Labs' founder, Jeff Orlowski, called Frame by Frame. Directors Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli recently premiered the film at South By Southwest Film Festival. The team is currently traveling around the country and world taking part in film festivals and sparking discussions about free press as they go. 

About the Film:

In 1996, the Taliban banned photography in Afghanistan. Taking a photo was considered a crime. When the US invaded after 9/11, Afghans saw the Taliban regime topple, the media blackout disappear, and a promising media industry emerge. Now, in a country facing abject uncertainty and ongoing war, Afghanistan’s young press struggles to be a free press.

Frame by Frame is a feature-length documentary that follows four Afghan photojournalists navigating a young and dangerous media landscape. Through cinema verité, powerful photojournalism, and never-before-seen archival footage shot in secret during the Taliban, the film reveals a struggle in overcoming the odds to capture the truth.

Here are some of the updates from this year: 

And you can see more here: